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>>> tonight on "nightline," steve jobs resigns. tonight, the wizard behind some of the hottest products the world has ever known resigns as chief of apple in a surprise announcement. we've got the very latest. >>> hurricane warning. the first major hurricane to take aim at the u.s. in years. irene smashes through the bahamas and bears down on the mainland. we're out in the storm. >>> and hunger at home. a year ago, he would not have believed he would be feeding his family on handouts. >> i wasn't living above my means. had a job, put food on the table. >> we go inside the quiet american crisis. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. steve jobs once said that people don't know what they want till you show it to thth. with incredible, almost spooky, consistency, jobs has produced new products that consumers discovered they really, really wanted. well, now just hours ago, steve jobs has resigned as chief executive of apple, the company he built. just a month after apple announced astronomical third quarter profits of more than $7 billion. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: it w
of an era for a company that changed the way we live. >>> steve's favorite ride, a warning for drivers. >>> and the book that will make washington heads explode. >>> we have a look at storm watch. we will be back with >>> details are leaking out of the new dick cheney biography. he reportedly criticizes former secretary of state condoleezza rice. he also kept a secret resignation letter in his say just in case he had a catastrophic medical issue. >>> millions of us check the mill, take photographs and answer the phone. steve jobs resigned yesterday. this is after a private battle with cancer. >> with his signature style of tennis shoes and jeans steve jobs is known as the face of apple. but now the 56-year-old says he cannot continue as ceo. in a letter to the board of directors, he writes -- even though the announcement came with little notice and limited veto many expected him to step down at some point due to health concerns. >> we have all been expecting some news like this but it is still a surprise. it is surprising mainly because it is hard to imagine apple without steve jobs.
't really want to see that. >> reporter: and it seems to have everything to do with me. steve hirsch, ceo of vivid entertainment, one of the biggest producers, spoke with "nightline" in 2009. >> the truth is that when people watch adult movies they are watching it for the fantasy. they don't want to see condoms. it just doesn't sell as well. that's just a fact. >> they say they won't make as much money but they would like to use 16-year-old girls and they're not permitted to do that. city and county government don't want to deal withh this because it deals with sex, it deals with fornothi pornography. that's a really bad excuse for not protecting these young people. >> reporter: of the major adult entertainment producers, only one studio requires condom use for all their contract stars. wicked pictures. >> most of the companiy ies fro upon it. if you are saying, i want to wear a condom, chances are, they're going to take the girl that is going to do it without the condom. >> reporter: there have been current actresses who say, it doesn't bother them. are they not telling the truth? >> i t
valley, steve jobs resignation. as ceo, he transformed the world of music technology, and the ipad. those products have propelled apple to the second-most valuable company in america. so, what happens now? >> his personal v vion is on every, single product that they make. and it's very clear that he is so passionate about the company. and that he personally drives almost everything they do. and so, it's hard to imagine anyone else taking the reins because, rankly, it feels like they're almost literally stepping into his shoes. >> steve jobs has survived cancer and a liver transplant. but in his brief statement, he said he could no longer perform his duties. he asked to be given a new title, chairman of t t board. >>> now, we turn to libya and the turmoil in tripoli. the rebels are making progress in taking control of the capital. the rebels are offering a good fight. one group of gadhafi supporters were holding journalists and others at a hotel for six days. conditions began to worsen as food began to run out. finally yesterday, they agreed to release the journalists to the red cross. >>
. >>> now to the resignation heard around the world. steve jobs, the godfather of the ipad, ipod, and iphone, is stepping down from apple. check out the messages on twitter. a world without steve jobs running apple? what are we going to do? there were so many more. that response to a corporate farewell is something we have never seen before. abc's neerl ckneeneal karlinsky. >> reporter: before steve jobs was a modern day thomas edison, he was an adopted kid growing up in cupertino, california. by the time he was 13, he was already obsessed with technology, something he reminisced about during his visit to the cupertino city council this year. >> when i was 13, i think i called up hewlett and packard were my idols. i called up bill hewlett and he gave me a job that summer. >> reporter: it turns out talent runs in ththfamily. as an adult, jobs tracked down his biological sister, successful author of "anywhere but here," mona simpson. she remains one of jobs' closest confidants. steve wozniack, the man who co-founded apple with jobs out of a garage spoke with us over the phone. >> you have
today. for more on what we can expect in the coming hours, we go to steve rudin and the weather center. >> we were watching thunderstorms from the belfort furniture weather center. the severe thunderstorm warning has been canceled. outside, the rain totals, over an inch in fairfax, nearly an inch at children's hospital in the district, three-quarters of an inch in upper marlboro and germantown. abc 7 live super doppler radar the heaviest activity moving across baltimore, and a little bit of a break in the action. we are looking for things to settle down the next couple hours, but by early tomorrow morning, changes on the way. the temperatures today only into the middle 80's. a nice change from the 90-plus readings we have had. wait until you see the extended outlook, slightly cooler temperatures. you'll love what is on the way plus the forecast of heavy rain. >>> following a developing story from southeast washington, where the police are investigating a fatal stabbing that happened at 3:00 this morning on 13th street inside of them park complex. instead of an apartment complex. >>> th
from the tech world. steve jobs has steps down as ceo as apple. in a letter last night, he said he can no longer meet the duties and expectations of the job. he has been on medical leave since january. he was diagnosed with cancer and had a liver transplant in 2009. tim cook will take the company reins for the time being. >>> some sad news from the sports world. mike flanagan has died. there is still no word on a cause. his body was found outside of his baltimore county home on wednesday. he pitched for the orioles from 1975 to 1987. >>> the redskins are getting ready for their preseason game tonight. they will go to baltimore to take on the ravens. mike shanahan has not said who he will be starting but he said both quarterbacks will play on the offense. >>> the resignation of steve jobs is party taking a toll on the markets. >> linda bell is live in in new york. one week ago we were reporting it was the strongest stock out there. >> you mentioned his steve jobs' resignation. any move he makes is closely watched by wall street. apple is the second most valuable company in the world aft
his home and adopted him. >>> big news from silicon valley where steve jobs has stepped down as the ceo of apple. johnson said he can no longer meet the duties and expectations of the job. he's been on medical leave since january. he was? in most -- he was diagnosed with liver cancer. tim cook will take the company arranged for the time being. >>> this is your last chance to visit the martin luther king memorial before the dedication on sunday. it will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. prayer vigils will take place at the convention center. it is too early to tell if the dedication will be rescheduled because of the hurricane. we will keep a close eye on that. >>> still had the redskins get ready for the ravens. some sad news out of baltimore were a world series champion is found dead. >> an update on d.c. antony's legal fight. >> a monday forecast. adam has all the details for you. >>> time for a check on traffic and weather. >> it has been so busy in the weather department. we're following the earthquake but also hurricane i read. >>4.5 magnified earlier this morning
that are developing, heavy rain moving through. let's get to meteorologist steve rudin. steve? [no audio] >> we will look for the rain to continue the next several hours. the rain totals on the weatherbug network almost 0.7 inches of rain has fallen. chevy chase looking at 0.6 inches falls church over half an inch. the district, wtop radio over half an inch. this hour, the live doppler radar, nothing has turned severe. very little lightning associated with the showers and heavy downpours, but they will continue to move off towards the north and east during the evening. we may have an isolated imbedded heavier thunderstorms within the showers. not expecting much in terms of severe weather. we're looking at a big warmup tomorrow. are you ready for this? the heat index readings around 100 degrees. of the full forecast coming up. >>> the police are looking for the gun man and a fatal shooting in northwest -- in northeast washington. the victim is an adult male whose name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to call the police. >>> busy night for maryland state police. troopers co
earthquake damage. majors steve jobs makes a concerning his future. martin luther king, the special event held this evening. >>> live and in hd, this is abc7 on your side. >> we began with the coming hurricane and the ongoing impact from the east coast earthquake. a look at the eye of the storm. it is now a category three. orders have already issued in north carolina. more schools are closed and engineers are at someng the damage iconic locations. we begin tonight with the latest hurricane irene. >> let me take you into the atmosphere and show you what is ferocious category three major correcting. the eye and it is typical. you can see how it reforms and forms. next couple of days, it to move up through the bahamas. just within the last couple of minutes, wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour. are still 120 miles per hour. you can see how the rain is increasing. here, here is the very latest track. is now a category 3 hurricane. that -- is that as it movesstronger over warm water. by saturday afternoon, it will right near cape hatteras. the trend is increasing. because of the very tight g
. we began with steve with the latest on weather advisories and warnings. >> this is sort of the calm before the second line of storms. the first round came through at around 2:00 this afternoon. we had severe thunderstorm warnings for the district and arlington and montgomery counties. now the rain has come to an end for the most part, just a few showers and thunderstorms. look to the left-hand side of your screen. some thunderstorms beginning to develop, and this is the cold front that will bring yet another round of storms between the 8:00 and 11:00 hour tonight. some of these storms will have the potential to become severe. here are the latest severe weather watches for you this of -- the entire area under a severe thunderstorm watch and may have to extend it. bwi marshall, if you are expecting to anyone in from out of town, about three hours delay, and dulles from about an hour to 1.5 hours. the delays are more than likely to continue to stack up throughout the evening hours. another storm-the that area, but behind it, a big, welcome change. the forecast is coming up in just a fe
. >>> then apple's core. in a surprise move steve jobs resigns as apple's ceo. what the future holds for the historic innovator and thehe company he helped start. >>> bottoms up. the new hair care product going from the saloon to the salon. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm tanya rivero. >> and i'm rob nelson. hurricane irene could be shaping up to be an historic storm. its powerful winds are tearing through the bahamas. >> before the day is over it is expected to become a category 4 storm and could be the worst hurricane to hit t t northeast in two decades. abc's karen travers has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two days ago the east coast was rocked by a rare earthquake. now residents are preparing for what could be a massive hurricane. hurricane irene is coming and it could pack a real punch. forecasters say the storm could gain strength as it barrels towards the east coast likely making landfall in north carolina as a category 3 hurricane as early as saturday. irene's winds stretch out over 400 mile, the same width as the state of arizona, more than 65 million people
. >>> steve jobs resigning as head of one of america's biggest companies. why the visionary who brought us the love of electronics from the mac to the ipad says he has to step down. >>> the suspect, 20 months after his wife susan powell disappears josh powell sits down for his first interview. >> did you kill your wife? >> get ready for an extraordinary and exploding confrontation. susan powell's father is with us to respond. >>> and good morning, everyone. as i was telling george before we went on the air this reminds me of living on the mississippi gulf coast. you don't know where it's going. there's been a big shift overnight in how this massive hurricane is tracking. right now forecasts are showing it headed right for the east coast's biggest cities. irene only getting more powerful as it gets closer. >> everyone could be affected. >> this is here in the bahamas where the storm battered the islands overnight and there was widespread damage there. >> on its way now to the carolinas. we want to take you live there, as well. it will look pretty calm in the carolinas and empty because a hu
have seen a lot of lightning in the last we are on - hours so storm watch. steve? >> we've been tracking the weather here at the weather center all afternoon. finally ews, they're beginning to fizzle out a little bit. but look at these rain totals. alarm.an inch at .9 ndria, a little over inches. he latest doppler radar, abc 7 ve super doppler radar looking at the heavier thunderstorm activity. arlington, fairfax. and y for now but a few more howers and thunderstorms underway. plus, a sizzling hot monday on the way. my full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, steve. turning now to the tragedy in afghanistan. we are learning more tonight to the deadly up military helicopter in eastern afghanistan, killing least 30 americans, many of elite y seals from the eam six. richard reeves joins us with more. >> military sources say those who were killed in the helicopters had completed their -- ion and were on they base way back to a home was hit. chopper forces are searching the fire on whoever opened the chin nook. hitting hard at home. >> he loved all his friends -- tears and
neighborhood better and bring america back. and abc's steve osunsami decided to see the plan n action. >> reporter: they're the type of people that could help end the foreclosure crisis. dane and his sister-in-law have bought eight foreclosed homes this year for pennies on the dollar. after $15 hourks in upgrades and a month of hard work, it was transformed. >> if the government would get involved and offer more affordable finance options, it would make things easier. >> probably take 50% to 75% of the properties off the market within a year or two. >> reporter: washington is listening closely. they're looking at tax breaks. hemming investors get better financing. making sure there are families ready to trent homes investors purchase. the biggest idea, making it eas over the mortgage for a family in the home, and have the family pay rent. it's still your home? >> j.r. and his partner were struggling. an investor bought their home and pushed the monthly bill down to $850 in rent. >> we did not have to move. we're in the same community. >> reporter: rob davidson is the inveser. >> we ha
championship. steve scooter came within inches of a scoring record. -- steve stricker came within inches of the scoring record. tiger woods slipped into the golfer's abyss going into the water twice. he finished with one of his highest scores ever, first-round 77, seven over par 14 shots off the lead. >> i can just go out there and play and let it go and play by feel and see the shot, hit the shot felix, and i am not at that point yet. >> he has not won a major in 39 months. it has been 23 months since he has won anything. right now he is more legend then. and he is struggling. it is all up here. >> right now he just needs a nice, long vacation. >> alright, you know i have to get to the moon bounce. >>> the full moon tomorrow night. if you like today, you will like tomorrow, 87 degrees. we have a blog about going to the beaches. it will be 50/50 this weekend a good saturday, more rain likely sunday. >> tennis tomorrow? >> i am still recovering from today. >> thank you for joining us.
for just $179 9 a month. ♪ visit vwdealer.com today. >> steve is back with us, and we had a tough summer, so we acclimated. just one more tough day before the end break. little break, and we will probably heat up again. tomorrow, it will approach 100 to 103 degrees. some patchy fog is forming highlands,potomac but it should not cause any problems. 74 degrees currently at culpeper. look get the rain totals for this weekend. over four and a half inches. a current temperature of 75 degrees. withemperatures outside daytime high is up to 97 degrees have reagan national airport. 79 at the airport. it feels like 85. delaware, hardly any rain. the place to be is at the beaches. tomorrow if you can make it to the beach, it looks ok. over three-quarters of an inch rain and about a 10th of an inch. the high temperature is made it degrees. 80's in winchester. friedrichs heard at 77. -- fredericksburg at 77. tomorrow, look for do point the mid 70's. nashville at 85 degrees. it still feels like 93 for them, index is 105 degrees. tomorrow they have a heat advisory. beginning tohowers apart across the h
never know who you'll run into. get started at buschgardens.com/dc. >> steve is going to be here in about movies.lk tomorrow may be a good day to see one. >> tomorrow is the day. probably one of the coldest days had in several weeks. need.rella will be in the height of the jews today, 86 take the high today, 86 degrees. the highest record, 101. 75 currently at the airport. went out of the south at 15 miles per hour. south at 15 hour.per why you areably of theg the smoke out swamp fires in richmond. 75 degrees, a record temperature washington university. one-third of an inch of rain in virginia. six tenths of an inch earlier in the day. a degrees currently after of 80 degrees. high winds in west chester, lead to 86. and wind kept temperatures down. some wild weather in indiana, illinois. it continues to move off to the east. will see a potential for thunderstorms for the day tomorrow and into tomorrow evening and night, across the mid atlantic. no watches or advisory's right now. the area shaded in the white, to poor air quality due to the swamp fires. it will be what tomorrow. he
points, almost 4%. so, let's head now to atlanta, and abc's steve osunsami, who was with all those people looking for work. hello, steve. >> reporter: good evening, diane. we canvassed some of the 90 companies that are here today and found that there are more than 2,000 jobs for hire. but no one was prepared for the thousands more who came pouring through these doors today. there were so many people desperate for work, trying to get to this job fair, traffic here was backed up for miles and miles. house waited overthought. many camped out in the business suits in the stifling heat. >> i got in there at, like, 1:58. >> i'm going to be positive. that's the only thing i can be right now. >> reporter: authorities treated 20 people for heat exhaustion and struggling to keep the line moving and get people inside. >> you came out here to get a job, not to get sick. >> reporter: derek clayton, under the umbrella, is a former security guard with three children to field. he's been looking for work since may. >> you got child, you got to stay somewhere. you don't want to be homeless. >> reporter: la
. >> facebook breaks 1 trillion hits. apple ponders a future without steve jobs. >> in today pause attack bites apple after steve jobs. the new ceo wasted no time reassuring employees that apple will not change. michael gartenberg agrees that the company will do well without its guiding force. >> the products are good products. >> steve jobs is not completely gone from apple. is expected to continue to weigh in on decisions. another tech giant facebook, passed a milestone this summer. it had one trillion users. facebook also raised at least 47% of all web servers. the real numbers are likely to be even higher. those are your attack bites. i am rob nelson. >> let's go straight to adam caskey to talk about hurricane irene. >> we got a lot of new information at 5:00 a.m. us get right to the maps. we have a tropical storm warning, not watch. it is time to update these as they quickly come in. a tropical storm warning in effect for locations east of the 95. that is mainly for saturday night. all the county's shaded in red you are included in that tropical storm warning. even montgomery and howard c
are following big news out of silicon valley this morning. steve jobs has stepped down as the ceo of apple parted in a letter released last night he said he can no longer meet the duties and expectations of the job. he has been on medical leave since january diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 and had a liver transplant in 2009. 10 "will take the company rains for the time being. -- tim cook will take the company rents for the time being. >>> this is the martin luther king jr. memorial before the opening planned for sunday. the saturday prayer service will take place of the convention center because of earthquake damage to the national cathedral. it is too early to tell if the dedication will be rescheduled because of the hurricane. >>> the redskins are making last minute preparations for their third preseason game. they will go up by 95 to baltimore to take on the ravens. we don't know who will be starting as quarterback. coach mike shashanahan will have a first string offense. >>> the orioles are all morning bill loss of former pitcher mike flanagan. there is no word on his cause of
's no doubt in my mind, someone got pretty hurt. >> everybody you talk to at apple is going to tell you, steve jobs is one guy. but the truth is, steve jobs is a notorious micromanager. >> it slapped me in the face. >> really? >> its tail slapped me in the face. >> calmer waters there. >> yeah. its tail slapped me in the face. >> they were in a kayak. that's why they were talking about that story. fun things coming up next week. the mtv video awards. >> and tomorrow, octomom, nadya suleman, will participate in a celebrity boxing match. >> that will be a class act. >>> and on monday, will be the sixth anniversary of hurricane katrina. a national day of remembrance for those victims, as well. >>> coming up, a remarkable story of survival. >> a man who nearly died after the joplin, missouri, tornado, has a lot of reasons to celebrate. more with that, after we come back. >>> welcome back, everybody. you may have seen our reporting last week about the first day of school in joplin, missouri, which was wiped off the map by a devastating tornado, in may. >> and now, the story of a victim that nearly
for the weather. steve villanueva is in for sam this morning. >> hey, guy, good morning, everyone. we'll start in texas this morning where it is finally a little bit cooler. yesterday in dallas, we were only in the 90s for the first time in 40 days we were not in the triple digits thanks to some thunderstorms. more in the forecast. great news because you desperately needed the rain and in new england, back towards chicago a very comfortable start to the day heading into the 80s later with lots of sunshine. all right, everyone. that is your national forecast. beautiful in damascus and now. up at 6:19 a m a few scattered clouds and our are on the edge of a cloud deck with his stick in of central virginia. overall today, a lot of sunshine mostly sunny with hardly any afternoon. degrees in winchester and 71 downtown los humidity today. >> that's your weather, everyone. elizabeth? >> all right, steve, thanks so much. >>> now a spoiler alert. you might actually enjoy a story more if you know how it ends before you begin. at least that's what a new study is saying. abc's david wright takes a look on
, jobs, jobs. >> the "roundtable" on the policy and politics required to turn this country around. steve rattner, mastermind of the auto industry bailout. mellody hopson investment fund manager and tea party congressman jason chaffetz join george will and cokie roberts. >>> and the deadliest day in afghanistan. 33 troops perish as taliban shoots down a helicopter. >> announcer: live from the newseum in washington, "this week with christiane amanpour" starts right now. >>> welcome to the program. we have lots to get to today. but first, some news since your morning papers. the pentagon is starting to paint a fuller picture of what exactly happened on the deadliest attack on american forces since the start of the war in afghanistan nearly ten years ago. 30 americans and 8 afghans were killed yesterday when the taliban shot down their chinook helicopter. among the dead are 22 elite navy s.e.a.l.s. abc's foreign correspondent martha raddatz joins me with the very latest. what about thahacommunity, the forces and their families? >> this is such a small community. there are only 300 s.e.e.l.s
be in for another round of severe storms. steve, what do we need to know? >> tomorrow, a different story. are watching a cold front. here are the current belfortures from the center.e weather the heat index makes it feel like 90 degrees. it is not so bad out there. watching a cold front. this is going to slowly move next 24he east over the hours. potential for a severe across the mid-atlantic. will increase tomorrow into the evening hours. and we expect after the cold moves through? my complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> we are following the latest developments in libya. rebels are battling muammar gaddafi's forces in tripoli. rebels claimed a major victory. they took control of a key coastal city. the rebels are now fighting some gaddafi's troops. >>> turning to a quadruple homicide in virginia. today, police arrested 36-year- ragin in thes his wife and children. there was a report of a fire. ragin's i've and children also suffered knife wounds. ande not clear -- children also suffered knife wounds. >>> police went door to door at woodbridge apartment complex. our mike con
-- reached a mark of 103 degrees. steve reuben is here with a first look at the forecast. >> we have an increase in temperatures with another day of above-average temperatures. this may go up to 100 degrees and earlier today in frederick it was 99 degrees. 99 degrees at reagan national airport. 79 degrees at fredericksburg. what this feels like is a heat index closer to 90 degrees. we have another hot day on the way, temperatures near 100 degrees. there are no heat advisory's warnings. and the hot weather will continue for another day. we will have more on this and another look at the extended outlook in a few moments. >> august 1 what would this be without 100 degrees. the body of a missing boater has found. charles ryder was found this afternoon. he jumped off of a boat yesterday and never resurfaced. and relief for those near quantaco marine base. the prince william board of supervisors -- the goal is to add extra lanes from route 1 to the base i entrance. also on abc 7 news, the verizon center went crazy for britney spears. plus fire torches a local home. but a brave sequence of
included, you'll feel right at home. ♪ la la-la-la-la la la la >> steve routing is back with a of the forecast. said it is going to be another hot one. like three weeks ago when it felt like 118. tomorrow, 95 for the daytime it will feel like 103 degrees. bring -- tuesday is chancea better showers and thunderstorms, thursday and friday, mid 80's 4 afternoon temperatures. nighttime lows will be in the 60's 4 and a half inches of rain. nice soaking. >> do not worry about it. ft that is going to do it what if it snowed chocolate? what if sweet mocha fell from the sky? or imagine catching icy caramel flakes as they drift down -- melting just as they touch your tongue or sliding down mounds of whipped cream right into a pile of rich chocolaty goodness. [ male announcer ] send your taste buds a sweet shiver with mcdonald's mccafé frappe. a creamy blend of ice, coffee and mocha. or caramel. mmm. sweet. ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
eagles signed wide receiver steve smith they have acquired or traded for six pro bowlers. they are now a super bowl favorite. jim harbaugh says it is a chance to get better. >> they have lots to prove. the whole team the organization -- everyone has a lot to prove. we have a chip on our shoulder. that is who we are. >> the astros are back -- the nationals are back at wrigley field tonight. let me take you back to chicago. pick it up in the top of the six. it is 3-1 when jason werth comes up. that is a souvenir. his 14th run of the season. it was 3-2. sorry although it's a fast ball right out of the yard. the cubs have three solos. the cubs win in at 4-2. the pga check rejectees of bright and early tomorrow morning. adam scott goes up at 7:55. tiger tees off at 8:55. patrick harrington has had some solid practice rounds this week. he says he is getting comfortable in his comeback. >> it is been frustrating. now i am healthy. i feel good. i have a way more energy. i am not try to block out pain. >> tiger woods goes off at *;35. alana beard will not return for the rest of the season becau
reviews the changeup. >> i am steve rudin. the slow moving heavy rain showers are moving across the area. flash flood warnings until ♪ ♪ it's true. you never forget your first subaru. >>> for 59 years he has been caring people to and from the eastern shore. one man has been part of the bridge since it began in 1949. you may be surprised to find out how old he was when he started. >> he worked for the maryland state highway administration taking pictures of road projects. >>the has been taking pictures for the state since he was first hired to chronicle the construction of the bay bridge. >> it was 51 years ago. >> back in 1949, he had to lie about his age to get the job. >> i was 12 years of age. it was not a real problem because you did not need a birth certificate. >> his age was not the only barrier he crossed to get that job. >> the got the job because they knew what he was doing. he is taken thousands of pictures of the bay bridge. they are just a small percentage of the tens of thousands of pictures is taken of the past 62 years. in his office, he is surrounded by pictures an
of going hungry. that's up almost 80% over the last decade. abc's steve so sun sammy spoke to some of those struggling today. >> reporter: nancycynd randall watkins say they were just like most middle class couples, making sure everything was paid on time, until he got sick last year. and then she got sick. and they both lost their jobs. today, they can barely put food on the table. >> sometimes you don't want to get up. you just think today will be better. so i'm thinking, lord, let me feel better. >> reporter: they use all kinds of tricks to make their food last. they eat food that's gone bad. >> sometimes there's not a lot of milk, you know? you cocoromise. you can use water. >> reporter: they make too much from disability to get food stamps. but they don't make enough to they owe $25,000 to a hospital in kentucky. today's report say it's now americans in their 50s who are more likely to be hungry than people in their 60s and 70s. >> these are folks who have been suffering from the recession and the economic declines in this country. some of them have just recently lost jobs. >> reporter
you. thank you very much. >> time for the many weather. steve villanueva is in for sam champion. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. lots of trouble in the central part of the country. this is where we could see nasty storms and severe weather from oklahoma city northward up towards bismarck, very heavy rain and strong winds. much cooler out on the west coast. 72 degrees in the district. made 80's today and into the weekend. low humidity with a lot of chance ofn the next rain this saturday night into sunday. >> your weather forecast brought to you by macy's. elizabeth? >> all right, thanks so much. >>> coming up, time for a meltdown? we'll show you how to cash in on the new american gold rush. ♪ i want to be rich [ female announcer ] real fruit... means real fruit smoothies from mccafé. real delicious and made just for you. ♪ happened to come across quicken loans online. [ chris ] quicken loans constantly kept us updated and got us through the process twice now. quicken loans is definitely engineered to amaze. they were just really there for us. not only kills fleas a
on flooded roads. >>> not so bad here, steve rudin. >> i in culpeper county, southwest of d.c., are reporting over 3 inches of rain. a very isolated area of -- not affecting the immediate area. culpeper, before warned, the flood warning is in affect. patchy fog will develop as we move through the early nine hours into early morning. should not cause any trouble delays -- travel delays. you may see a little bit of fog. 95 degrees the high temperature at reagan national. the average for this time of year, 88 degrees. long way from the record high of 106. snee 9 at the airport this hour. the heat index makes it feel like 84 degrees. 75 in laurel. about 1.25 inches of rain. upper northwest d.c., a half- inch of rain. burtonsville looking at three- quarters of an inch of rain. a lot of it pretty much washed away. 77 degrees at dulles. quantico at 79 degrees. the doppler radars showing the cell finally starting to move off. it is beginning to fizzle out just a little bit. we are looking at moderate rain. culpeper -- finally the rain has come to an end. let these rain totals. you can see that they h
, all you have to do is like our facebook page and enter the contest to the left. steve is here, and it is like a prize for the final check on the forecast. >>> take a look at this extended outlook. tomorrow, a washout. indoor activity is a good idea. 81 degrees for a daytime high. a 40% chance of showers on monday. we need the rain. could get up to two inches by tomorrow night. >>>
free holiday. for more information log on to our website. steve rubin, it has been a wild night. >> a lot is going on. i have been tweakingtweeting all night. for the rush hour commute tomorrow morning, you should not run into any significant problems with rain. the heaviest of the rain is beginning to exit southeast d.c. moving into prince george's county, into marlboro. it is a slow-moving system. not only did we have the rain, but we have the strong wind gusts earlier today. our high was 85 degrees. that is two degrees below average for this time of year. we're holding at 70 degrees at the airport. 66 degrees in winchester, 60 degrees and culpeper and the flash flood watch has now been cancelled. we still have the flash flood warnings in effect. this one will go until 1:00 a.m. and a separate one hogs montgomery county into prince george's county. it rained heavy in the area. some of these cells took a long time to move out of here and a lot of thunder and lightning and a few severe thunderstorm warnings. fortunately, everything has canceled out -- canceled out. and the ligh
surprising that steve powell would come out with this. >> reporter: and in the small town where both sue sap and josh's families live only miles apart, public shouting matches between inlawsws >> how is your standing at our neighborhood market helping? >> reporter: stephen powell says when susan powell turned up missing, police searched his home for her. he says he doesn't know what happened to her. >> i really don't believe she's dead. i haven't felt that way. >> reporter: and josh says he has that same feeling. >> i don't know where she is at this point. >> reporter: what would you want to say to her, if she's watching? >> i would tell her that i love her. she's got two boys who love her. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm abbie boudreau in seattle. ♪ i'm a film star. well, i'm a film, left behind by a floor cleaner i thought was going to take me places. wait! now life is dull... darling! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. swiffer wetjet's new upgraded solution loosens and lifts off dirt to help prevent streaks and residue. and reveal more shine than a mop
is on the front lines on the outer banks of north carolina so straight now to reporter steve. dorsey on atlantic beach. >> reporter: we are expecting the eye of hurricane irene to pass right over us or very close to us any minute now. we have been experiencing the first few hours of hurricane irene throughout the morning here. we have been seeing some pretty large waves off of the shoreline right here at least 10 to 15 feet. they've been crashing on this seawall that we're standing next to throughout the morning flooding this coastline and really destroying the property, the dunes and coastal structure including some of the homes and condos in this area. something that we're going to be monitoring throughout the morning. back to you dan. >> steve. thank you very much for your reporting. we'll come back to you throughout the morning. bianna, back over to you. >> abc's sam champion is tracking the hurricane right now. bobby oudin is the county manager for dare county. thanks for joining us. can you describe the situation in your county right now? >> right now we've got evacuation was completed yes
3, 115 miles an hour. >> 110, 115 is where the winds are right now. we sent steve osunsami up with the hurricane hunters. they measure them and fly right into the eye of the storm. >> reporter: it sounds crazy and it was a bumpy ride but we traveled deep into the middle of this gigantic storm flying inside at 10,000 feet. >> harder to get closer. >> reporter: our air force reserve pilots and scientists were on a dangerous mission to take the storm's temperature and it wasn't good. >> where we're at, sometimes it's over 100-mile-an-hour winds. >> reporter: wow. >> so starting to develop. >> reporter: they shot canisters filled with sensors into the ferocious storm clouds. and the sensors were sending back the bad news, irene's pressure is dropping which means the storm is getting stronger. ocean waters below incredibly warm at 85 degrees helping it grow and on the northeast side of the storm where it's usually most dangerous, this one especially so with hurricane-force winds that stretch out 100 miles. >> it's a large hurricane. it's a very large strong circulation up to the no
that apple ceo steve jobs has resignededrom the world-changing company he founded. jobs is just 56. he's been the driving force for everything from the macintosh computer to those ipods, ipads and iphones that are everywhere right now. he's been battling cancer and had a liver transplant. his letter was short and to the point. "i always said, if there came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations, i would be the first to know. unfortunately," he writes "that day has come." >>> and still ahead, it's video you have to see to believe. did some animals sense yesterday's east coast quake before it struck? [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication.
pitcher steve and strasbourg try to make it back to the big leagues. -- lang back to the big leagues. off to denver for an four s-game series with the rockies starting tonight. >>> still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> alex rodriguez's poker face. why the yankee superstar is at the center of an illegal gambling investigation. >> got the beneficial rain yesterday. this morning, some areas of fog. looks like it's going [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community. [ kimberly ] the university gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school. [ cherie ] i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah. [ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible. learn more at phoenix.edu. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on y
to steve ruden. >> 67 at waldorf. look at the rainfall. 46 mile per hour wind gusts. winds beginning to settle down a little bit. that is some good news on the way in terms of the progress for the storm. but still a lot of rain to go. adam caskey is going to be here and a few minutes. doug will be here for a little bit longer. the heavier rain to the west of the region, southern maryland looking at heavier rain. we head towards gaithersburg and frederic and martinsburg, the rain not as much of a problem. not the 8 inches of rain we have seen from the storm over the last 24 hours. now beginning to move off towards the north and northeast around 15 miles per hour. the heavier rain bands will move into the d.c. metro area as we move to the overnight hours. everything will clear out as we move into the early morning and mid morning hours. if by tomorrow afternoon, a little bit of sunshine expected in our forecast. in terms of rainfall totals, anywhere between four-8 inches not out of the question for arlington or the district and st. mary's county, calvert county, the delmarva peninsula
. there is also a lot of talk about steve williams. tiger woods followed -- fired him. this after 13 majors. he certainly took some of the spotlight off of adam scott. another good thing andut geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use geico.com to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> we have a traffic mess for the people and arlington tonight. it is about that temporary retaining wall that collapsed last night. it forced residents to evacuate to the howl across -- to the hotel across the street. >> a loud popping noise and a jolt that felt like a small earthquake are what residents described feeling and hearing last night as part of that temporary restraining wall collapsin
one out of your closet. steve stevensonen strasburg made his second rehab start tonight and he was dominant. he pitched three innings with 33 rive oting -- hey this guy walks up to the mound and it's a rive oting -- riveting inning. he didn't walk anyone. he even reached 9 miles per hour with his -- 99 miles per hour with his football tonight -- fastball tonight. let's go to philidelphia for the big top of the sixth. hernandez with an r.b.i. single up the middle. that will score desmond from second. made it 4-1. he had four r.b.i.'s on the night and the nats beat the phillies 4-2. after another rough day at the pga championship, tiger woods did not make the cut. his third missed cut in a major championship. jason dufner and keegan bradley are your leaders at five under par. >> i watched that today. the course was eating up a lot of guys. >> especially tiger. >> especially tiger. we'll be right back. what if it snowed chocolate? what if sweet mocha fell from the sky? or imagine catching icy caramel flakes as they drift down -- melting j
not belong there. here's wzzm's steve patterson. >> it was a pacu. >> reporter: however you say it. >> when i saw them teeth i said, this isn't normal. this is a strange-looking fish. >> reporter: this fish out of water is a fish out of water. so to speak. >> i just thought it was so pretty, the colors. >> reporter: asa and her fiance richard went fishing on sunday in the grand river near their home. after this success something feisty took a bite. >> second i threw the pole out, it was -- the pole was jumping. i said to richard -- >> there it is. >> here it is. >> reporter: it was a pacu, a vehicle darian piranha native to the amazon river in south america. it's a species that doesn't belong in the grand river and it was likely dumped by someone who couldn't take care of it. let's be honest, okay? there's probably a lot o of stu that doeoe't necessarily belong in the grand river. but to dump a species that doesn't belong in the river? some might call that a form of animal cruelty. that's what this fish expert would say. >> mostly it's sad to see there's another pacu that isn't where it belon
: her father, chuck cox was passing out flyers when he was confronted by steve powell, the father of josh powell. susan's husband. >> how is your coming here helping to find d san? >> it isn't helping. how is your standing at our neighborhood market helping to find susan? >> people see the sign -- >> reporter: this open hostility is nothing knew. >> they've been just bullying us from the beginning of this case. >> reporter: josh claims he left his wife at their utah home after midnight in december 2009, taking the couple's s o young sons camping. susan was never seen again. skeptical investigators called josh a person of interest but have never charged him. josh and his family believe susan was leading a double life, that she may have run away to brazil with another man. josh says he's being unfairly demonized. >> there are a lot of people who have done a lot of attacks against your family. >> reporter: the bitterness erupted as police spent two days chasing a tip near ely, nevada, combing for clues among rocky hillsides and abandoned mines. they came up empty. >> chuck is a liar.
knows all of those words appear on the other side of the scoreboard, the leader, steve stricker. he shot an incredibly tight around, 63. your first round leader at seven under par. let's go to football. redskins and steelers, and there is a lot to look for tomorrow night when the redskins played the steelers. defense of the, josh wilson will start. jim hightower gets to start with writing to read out, and he is another local guy who has a solid career and is really high on the redskins. >> i will bring the energy, and you guys can believe it. i do not care if people have 30 seconds in the league. we will come out here and win games and win the super bowl, and that is what it has to be day in and day out, and it will happen. >> the national's lost this afternoon, but ravens and eagles, just a couple of hours from now, right here on abc 7 kicking off the nfl preseason. >> that will be fun. it is a little, coming wal-mart is spending $3 million over the next three years to train d.c. residents to work in retail. >> this is before it even opens a store in the district. >> walmart plans to br
behar who's been with her man steve for 29 years. >> i know. and always said, i'm not getting married, there's no point. she's divorced. she got married on friday. the next day, sherri shepherd, -host on "the view," she gets married to television writer lamar salley in her hometown of chicago. on top of that, brooke burke and who i think is one of the hottest women on the planet, "dancing with the stars," yes, she got married to david charvet. they've been engaged for several years, have two kids together. she's married. tara reid, shockingly, stayed sober long enough to exchange vows with somebody. >> that's just mean. it would be funny if it wasn't true. she got engaged to a danish businessman named michael. heather locklear, she got engaged to actor and singer jack wagner who you m m remember from "melrose place." >> singing to her she's all he needs. ♪ all i need >> isn't that cute? they go to the same hairdresser. it was meant to be. >> are you going to sing this song? >> i'm not going to sing anymore. >> oh, very nice, all right. >> i'm not going to sing, i'm going to talk abo
. steve noble high temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. tomorrow will be the day to be outdoors. tens of late-day storm. highly isolated, flash and dash. sunday that the day to be indoors. off and on rain, thunderstorms embedded downpours. it's not going to rain everywhere the same time, but off and on throughout the entire day with maybe some brief gusty winds as well. a few severe storms possible on sunday. >> that does it for "good morning washington." good morning america is next. >> for continuing local news, and news channel 8. we will see [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. ♪ ♪ [
them over and over again, don't give up. don't give up. hang in there. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >>> a major shakeup in the far east. in addition to the market plunges. a strong magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck near the coast of honchu, japan, newer the crippled fukushima power plant. there was no immediate threat there and a tsunami alert was called off. >>> at least three people are dead after two bombs went off in afghanistan this morning. the explosions went off at a british compound in kabul. the target was apparently the british council, a cultural and educational institution funded by the british government. already the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> britaiais prince harry has toured an area hard hit by last week's riots. he praised emergency workers who carried on with their jobs despite being pelted by rocks. he also met with injured police officers. 3,000 people are been arrested in connection with those riots. >>> a 23-year-old babysitter in day don't that beach,h, florida has been charged with chihi neglect after riding in the bac
begins with wtvd's steve dorsey. >> reporter: the waiting days of summer tourist seasoso at wrightsville beach could be disrupted. throughout the week people here have been keeping a close eye on hurricane irene. >> kind of conceed being that big and that strong of wind. >> reporter: this family visiting the beach says they're worried hurricane irene could cut short their vacation planned through saturday. they're trying to enjoy the beach while they have the chance, but they've already stocked up on supplies. and have paid close attention to forecasts. >> this is the hurricane planning tool we use. >> reporter: throughout the day, newhanover emergency management officials have been closely following the storm's progress. he says the area could still feel the effects of irene,ven if it doesn't make a direct hit. >> this was a big storm, even if we don't get a direct hit, the tropical storm force winds will be on top of us for an extended period of time. i expect we'll have some infrastructure damage. i expect we'll have a considerable power outage. expect the worst. it could happen. >> r
when susan's father and father in law. steve powell believes his son, josh, named a person of interest in his wife's disappearance is innocent. >> you come out against my family. >> reporter: susan's in-laws are gi giving journalists part of her journal. josh said that he left his wife at home in december, taking their two young boys on a midnight camp. susan's parents do not buy that. >> they have used my sons as nothing but pawns in the media. >> whether josh is innocent or guilty, whether susan wrote something in the journal or not, what does that have to do with finding susan in. >> reporter: painful wounds reopened after new tips that prompted a weekend search in nevada. detectives found nothing. apparently no closer appearing why this daughter, wife and mother simply vanished. >> our thanks to clayton. >>> turning to health news, fresh concerns about antibacterial soap. several studies show the key ingredient could be harmful to your health. now, here's diane sawyer for a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >>> hello, bianna. here we go for another week. who gains more weig
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